Why EI

Why EI
Who Can Benefit From Emotional Intelligence Coaching?
  • Want To Change From Reactive To Responsive
  • Anger Causing Career Set Back
  • Don’t Like Yourself
  • Feel Like A Victim
  • Feel Alone
  • Want To Stop Pretending
  • Want To Learn To Assert
  • Stress Is Making You Ill
  • Ego In Office Making Work Difficult
  • Want Better Team Work
  • Experiencing Block In Creativity
  • Want Better Business Relations
  • Want To Develop As A Leader / Prepare For Promotion
  • Want To Prevent Burnout
  • Want To Be An Effective Parent
  • Young And Confused
  • Experiencing Peer Pressure
  • Preparing For Marriage
  • Need Help In Coping (With Grief Or Break Up)
  • Ego Problems In The Family Causing Turmoil
  • Rocky Relationship / Toxic Relationship
  • Disappointment Is Making You Ill

Are you experiencing even one factor from the list above? Then you can benefit from learning about Emotional Intelligence, CONNECT WITH DR ANJANA SEN FOR EI COACHING

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