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About Dr Anjana Sen

Dr Anjana Sen is a medical professional working in the multidisciplinary field of Emotional Intelligence since 2004. Her workshops and books simplify the complex understanding of Neuroscience for students and professionals to apply in daily life so as to Maximize Potential and to Minimize Stress. Her popular book Get the Ego Advantage was published in 2006, followed by an illustrated screenplay ‘Adventure Ahead’ that takes the reader on a journey through a teenager’s brain to participate in decision making during challenging situations on the inside. Her latest book ‘What’s Your Super Power’ Ultra Special Senses and You, introduces perceptive powers of humans than can be developed for Resilience Building and Leadership Development. Published in 2019, this book has the proud privilege of being endorsed by General Ved Prakash Malik, former Chief of Army Staff and by four eminent professionals from the field of Psychology, Neurology, Management and Education.

Dr Sen’s contribution is internationally recognized in the area of Neurology of Emotions, by the International body CREIO [Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations] based at Rutger’s University USA. In India, The Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning FEIL was founded in 2009 in Mumbai with Dr Anjana as one of the Founder Members.

She designs and facilitates workshops on Ego Awareness and Balance, Stress Management, Relationship Management, Empathy Enhancement and Neuroleadership. She has served many corporate clients, speaks regularly at Medical and Management colleges. She is Faculty for Management Development Programs and an Online Course hosted by Jaipuria Institute of Management, and serves as resource person for ValuEndow a training organization based in New Delhi NCR. She has increased outreach with the use of Video-conferencing technology and conducted Online Seminar for MBA students of Mendoza College of Management of Notre Dame University in USA and Webinars for open participation.

Individuals enroll at her clinic in South Delhi for Personal Development, Coping with Stress, Recovering from Grief, Healing of Relationships and Attitude Change. These interventions help individuals turn their lives around positively towards progress.

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