Parenting with Emotional Intelligence

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence


It has been observed that many children with high IQ fail to perform well in academics or at work due to poor emotional competencies.
Emotional disturbances at home distract children and prevent full realization of potential.

Children Learn Emotional Competencies From

  • Care Givers in early childhood (Encourage EI Awareness in Parents)
  • Role Models (Teachers are the first role models outside family)
  • Peers (usually as inexperienced)
  • Experiential learning from life
  • Experiential learning from Sports and martial arts
  • Experiential learning from Workshops
  • Coaching for specific competencies

Appreciate and Encourage Pure Joy
  • The Joy Of Learning
  • Joy Of Creativity
  • Joy Of Discovery
  • Joy Of Increasing Self-Worth

These are the factors that make children look forward to go to school each day.


Detect Warning Signs of low self-worth

Signs That A Child Needs Emotional First Aid And Attention

  • Self-harming behavior
  • Anger Management issues, Destructiveness
  • Brooding / Depression
  • Shyness / Withdrawal
  • Stammering, Muscular Twitching when self-conscious
  • Pulling out own hair
  • Sudden unwillingness to go to school / meet specific persons
  • Sleep disturbances, nightmares
  • Altered bowel habit / constipation
  • Excessive crying
  • Bed wetting (recurrence after toilet training)
  • Lack of Joyfulness
  • Lack of Curiosity
  • Lying
  • Exaggerated Confidence / Showing Off
  • Acceptance seeking behavior (aping popular peers)
  • Bullying
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual Promiscuity or obsession
  • Mistreatment of Differently abled persons
  • Racism / Gender discrimination
  • Cruelty to Animals and Plants
These Could Also Be Signs Of Sexual Abuse Or Molestation
Take The Lead To Educate Children About Sex

Answer all their questions

Warning signs in pre-teens and adolescents

  • Cutting oneself (or otherwise hurting oneself)
  • Changes in eating habits, excessive dieting or eating
  • Sudden unexplained changes in personality (mood swings, insecure, withdrawn)
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Talk of suicide, suicide attempts
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Running away from home
  • Promiscuity
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Unexplained money or gifts
Get Proactive About These Specific Topics
  • Sex Education needs to be Gender Neutral
  • Gender Fluidity, Sexual Preferences
  • Talk about CONSENT, Verbal / Non-verbal Consent, Altered ability to consent under influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Safe Sex
  • What Healthy Relationships look like
  • Dealing with Break up
  • Pornography and adverse effects

  • Conversations About Sex Are Not One-Time, But Ongoing Responsibility
Gifts That Parents Can Give Children
  • Your Time and Attention
  • An Example to Follow
  • Respect
  • Freedom to Fail and make Mistakes
  • Support during Recovery from Shame or Embarrassment
  • A Love Filled Home
  • Sensitivity and Care about their Self Esteem
Children Of Emotionally Intelligent Parents Have A Tremendous Advantage