What’s Your Super Power

What’s Your Super Power

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Bipasa Mukherjee,

Special Education Consultant, Anandniketan School, Ahmedabad, India, and Chittagong, Bangladesh

‘In today’s world of flux, all of us are constantly juggling various aspects of our lives and wishing for balance. There are many books which are written with the aim of helping us to discover within ourselves how to tackle and deal with our varied emotions. Anjana Sen with her latest book What’s Your Superpower? takes readers through a discovery of Ultra Special Senses, all of 15, within each of us to help deal with different situations in life. Since she is from a medical background and her interests include research around neurosciences, the same is reflected in her book to help us make connections. What helps to lighten the scientific aspects is the introduction of Tan Tan (illustrated by her) who is a reflection of the reader in situations we can relate to. The conversations between the author and Tan Tan make those parts endearing. Those interested in the connection of neurosciences and emotions will find plenty of it in this book.’

Dr Sanjay Chugh,

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, New Delhi

‘At the time when the youth is increasingly grappling with questions of identity, self-worth and the purpose of life, this book comes as a much-needed tool to help them find an enhanced sense of self and belongingness. This book will encourage its readers to delve more into their inner self and explore their thoughts and emotions. It will be a journey that would make you a more confident and resilient person!’

Dr Geeti Chadha,

Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, Kuwait University

‘A brilliantly simplified text, detailing complex concepts of the subconscious and conscious states of mind at play in our development of self-worth, resilience and leadership qualities. With a firmly rooted background in neuroscience, the author gives very astute insights into our Ultra Special Senses and allows us to analyse ourselves very subtly. By the time we have absorbed one concept and applied it to ourselves, we notice ourselves smiling and turning the page.

A must-read book for those aspiring to be in leadership roles, and also those attempting to understand and influence human behaviour.

Dr Anjana Sen makes an extremely credible and intelligent effort to introduce us to wisdom, through understanding of concepts that govern our mind and influence social interactions. This book emerges as an understated, elegant, scientific guide to recognition and development of an ultra-special sensitivity towards fellow beings.

Advantage humanity!’

Jyotirmoy Bose,

Organization Transformation Therapist and Leadership Coach, Delhi NCR

‘Anjana straddles neuroscience and the psychology of wellness effortlessly, making this book an invaluable self-help guide for aspiring leaders. The easy conversational flow with Tan Tan enhances

understanding of USSs with lots of insightful pointers to practise in daily life. For millennials struggling to cope with rejection, even relevance, in an increasingly digital world, the timing of What’s Your Superpower? is indeed opportune.’



Values Are What We Care Deeply About
USS 1: Consciousness and Sense of Self

Being Good at Being Me
USS 2: Sense of Belonging

Can I Belong to a Planet?
USS 3: Sense of Hope aka Faith

Doctor Belief at Work with Nurse Hope
USS 4: Emotion
 Chapter 5 Are Bad Experiences Good Teachers?
USS 5: Empathy

Ninjas also Require Emotional Intelligence
USS 6: Pain and Threat Perception

Hurt People ‘Hurt’ People
USS 7: Interoception

Stomach Speaks Louder When I’m Afraid
USS 8: Position and Balance

USS 9: Sense of Passage of Time
USS 10: Sense of Proportion
USS 11: Sense of Fairness
Isn’t it Exhausting to be a Leader!
Higher Brain Level USSs

USS12: Optimism
BOOK 3 continued 
USS13: Purpose

Is it Useful for a Ninja to Feel Lucky?
USS 14: Power and Control
USS 15: Sense of Humour
Is it Hard to Change an Attitude?
At the Backdrop of All Fifteen USSs
Building Resilience
 How to Train a Ninja: Developing Authentic Resilient Leadership


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